Big Ben Poster, London

Sarah / Austria

The poster we received from Chris is just stunning, exactly what we looked for as a wedding gift for friends. The colours are beautiful and the paper is of high quality. We would definitely buy a poster again.

Big Ben Poster, London
Big Ben Poster, London

from: 19,00 

The dimensions of the poster include a built-in picture mount

The poster is printed with top-quality inks on the highest quality 200g/m2 premium design paper

Carefully wrapped in paper and packed in a protective cardboard tube or hardcover envelope (A4 and smaller size).

Worldwide shipping available.

The result is a stunning print with unrivaled quality and image reproduction that will stand the test of time

Frame not included

A perfect reminder of visited places in the past and a motivator to plan future travels



Big Ben is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and a popular tourist attraction. Located on the north bank of the River Thames, the massive clock tower was built in 1859 and stands over 316 feet tall.

Big Ben, also known as the Elizabeth Tower, was named after the massive 13-ton bell inside. The clock tower was originally built as part of the Palace of Westminster to house the Great Clock of Westminster.

Visitors to London can hear the chimes of Big Ben every hour on the hour. The clock is known for its accuracy, only gaining or losing one second every two weeks.

In 2017, the clock underwent a four-year renovation project to restore its exterior and interior. The clock’s famous hands were also replaced with new, energy-efficient LED lights.

Aside from its impressive size and iconic chimes, Big Ben has a rich history. During World War II, the clock tower was hit by a bomb and was temporarily silenced. It also played a role in the famous movie, “A Clockwork Orange,” where the main character is seen admiring the clock tower.

Despite its age and history, Big Ben remains a beloved symbol of London and a must-see attraction for visitors. Its impressive size and impressive clockwork continue to captivate and fascinate visitors from all over the world.


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