Sankt Petersburg Poster, Russia

Sarah / Austria

The poster we received from Chris is just stunning, exactly what we looked for as a wedding gift for friends. The colours are beautiful and the paper is of high quality. We would definitely buy a poster again.

Sankt Petersburg Poster, Russia
Sankt Petersburg Poster, Russia

from: 19,00 

The dimensions of the poster include a built-in picture mount

The poster is printed with top-quality inks on the highest quality 200g/m2 premium design paper

Carefully wrapped in paper and packed in a protective cardboard tube or hardcover envelope (A4 and smaller size).

Worldwide shipping available.

The result is a stunning print with unrivaled quality and image reproduction that will stand the test of time

Frame not included

A perfect reminder of visited places in the past and a motivator to plan future travels



Sankt Petersburg, known for its beautiful architecture and rich history, is a must-visit destination for travelers. Located on the Neva River, the city is home to numerous attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. From stunning cathedrals to world-class museums and galleries, there are plenty of places to explore in Sankt Petersburg. Here are some of the best places to visit in the city:

  1. The Hermitage Museum – The Hermitage Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world. Located in the Winter Palace, the museum features an extensive collection of art and artifacts from different parts of the world. The museum is home to more than 3 million works of art, including paintings by famous artists such as Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent van Gogh.
  2. The Peter and Paul Fortress – The Peter and Paul Fortress is a historic fortress located on Zayachy Island in the Neva River. The fortress was built in the early 18th century to protect the city from potential invasions. Today, the fortress is a popular tourist attraction, where visitors can explore its history and learn more about its past.
  3. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood – The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is a beautiful and ornate church located on the Griboyedov Canal. The church was built in the late 19th century and is known for its stunning architecture and colorful mosaic interiors. Visitors can admire the beautiful stained-glass windows and intricate mosaics that adorn the church’s walls and ceilings.
  4. The Catherine Palace – The Catherine Palace is a stunning palace located in the town of Pushkin. The palace was built in the early 18th century and is known for its beautiful Baroque architecture and lush gardens. Visitors can explore the palace’s stunning interiors and admire its ornate decorations and gilded ceilings.
  5. The Mariinsky Theatre – The Mariinsky Theatre is a world-class performing arts venue located in the heart of Sankt Petersburg. The theatre is known for its beautiful architecture and is home to the Mariinsky Ballet and the Mariinsky Orchestra. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of performances, from classical ballet to opera and contemporary dance.

Sankt Petersburg is a city that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or culture, there are plenty of places to visit in the city that will leave you captivated and inspired.


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